Why The Legislative Centre

Our multi-disciplinary approach draws upon the collective knowledge and resources of each relevant practice area and different background of our partners and pool of experts, to achieve efficient, effective and practical results for our clients.


Training On:

The Legislative Centre
1. parliamentary practice & procedure

TLC recognizes that good procedures and their consistent and correct application are essential for the protection of citizens against improper adoption of laws that affect them. 

To achieve this end, TLC offers trainings on the following procedural areas: table office management, legislative processing of Bills, Motions, Statements, Communications; and proper and pragmatic management of Assembly committees (pragmatic clerks), Parliamentary administration and protocols, records management; Parliamentary diplomacy and National interests.

The Legislative Centre
2. budget making & analysis

TLC offers this training to County Assembly Service Boards (CASB) and senior leadership of County Assemblies. The training gives a thorough grounding in the processes by which organizations align their resources, systems and employees to strategic objectives and priorities.

TLC offers quality training on budget making and analysis mainly to National/County Assemblies and their members, as they are under obligation to ensure not only that the needs of their electorates are met, but also that public money has been equitably raised, well spent and can be properly accounted for.

The main areas of focus are: Medium Term Expenditure framework budgeting; Programme based budgeting; legislative processing of key budget documents; County Budget Cycle and stages, Public Participation in County Budgeting; Revenue Management; Debt management (Pending bills); and supplementary budgeting, public finance management

The Legislative Centre
3. legislative drafting

The legislative drafter is tasked with transforming government policy into written law, but also to ensure that legislation is clearly understandable to those affected by it. Achieving both can be challenging as government policy often involves complex issues that are difficult to convey in everyday language.

TLC offers interactive trainings that equips participants with a range of recognized drafting tools used to create well written legislation. Participants of this training benefit through the following: Have the opportunity to gain a recognized professional qualification; Hear the latest insights, research and developments in legislative drafting efforts from leading experts; Enhance skills and knowledge in the field of drafting legislation

The Legislative Centre
4. public policy making & analysis

TLC understands that Legislation is a complex process that arises from policy proposal and therefore, there is need for legislatures to have researchers who are capable of competently analyzing such policy proposals to advise the legislation process. 

The training is therefore tailored to enhance research capabilities of research officers working as legislative policy analysts, and it entails the following areas: Public Policy Making Stages and Cycle, Public Participation, Monitoring and Evaluation; and Formulation of briefs and sessional papers.

The Legislative Centre
5. corporate governance

This is about the fundamentals of Corporate Governance from a variety of angles – the board of directors, senior management, and other stakeholders – and focuses on assessing the effectiveness and execution of governance roles and responsibilities.

TLC offers this training to County Assembly Service Boards (CASB) and senior leadership of County Assemblies. The training gives a thorough grounding in the processes by which organizations align their resources, systems and employees to strategic objectives and priorities.

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The Legislative Centre
a. research & publication services

TLC also prepares and produces strategic documents, such as: strategic plans, regulatory impact assessment reports, Staff audit and performance reports, Bill drafts. 

TLC also offers quarterly publication on the management and governance of Counties, in relation to National Government. 

The Legislative Centre
b. governance advisory and audit

At the Legislative Centre, we undertake these audits, we evaluate the composition, policies and operations of the County Governments and measure them against the law, guidelines and international best practices to gauge the level of compliance. Governance audits provide a basis for us to advise our clients on how to ensure full compliance and strengthen efficient operation of their leadership. 

In this respect, we do the following:

1.Undertake governance audits

2.Assist you to develop your Evaluation, and monitoring tools

3.Conduct regulatory impact assessment research

4.Facilitate public participation, and civic education

The Legislative Centre

This kind of effective representation is achieved by defining an objective, and then creating a strategy or solution to reach that objective. 

At TLC we utilize a combination of experience, relationship building, effective communication, and public relations, to provide the strategy and solution you need to attain your objective.

At TLC, we utilize a combination of tools to get results for our clients. Our strategies and solutions don’t end with just Government Relations. 

TLC can also incorporate Communications, Media Affairs & Strategy, Public Relations, Marketing, Business Development, and Investor Relations into your specific needs.

The Legislative Centre

In order to ensure consistent compliance with the legal regime, state corporations are required to undertake comprehensive legal audits every two years. 

Companies undertake these audits for good measure. This is where we come in to assist our clients. 

We intensively interrogate our clients’ systems, structures and documentation and advise on the nature and extent of compliance. Consequently, both firms advise on measures our clients adopt to mitigate non-compliance or the effects thereof. 

In order to ensure sustainability of this exercise, we advise on systems the client could use to consistently monitor and self-evaluate their legal and regulatory compliance.

Summary of our services include:

1. Undertaking legal audits
2. Assisting you in establishment of legal compliance systems
3. Training your staff on legal compliance; and Preparing monitoring and evaluation tools for you

The Legislative Centre

The Centre provides an essential forum for navigating the dramatic economic and political changes facing the country by informing and galvanizing its influential network of public policy leaders.

The overall goal of the Centre is to promote civic engagement and support democratic and participatory governance. 

The idea behind civic education is to promote the demand for good governance (i.e. an informed and engaged public), as a necessary complement to efforts to improve the practice of good governance and address a wide variety of political and governance issues (e.g. corruption, civic apathy or post-conflict reconciliation) as well as important social issues (e.g. domestic violence, drug abuse, and HIV/AIDS). Our Civic education is concerned with three different elements: civic knowledge, civic skills and civic disposition.

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