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Legislative Emergency Preparedness and Response Policy

Until recently, Legislatures, traditional in their character and operations, had never imagined a situation in which operations would nearly grind to a halt.

Yet, that is exactly what happened around March, 2020 with the spread of COVID-19 to Kenya. Unprepared as Kenyan legislatures were, operations had to continue, in keeping with the Ministry of Health COVID-19 Protocols and requirements. 

While most Legislatures took generally short-term measures to address the health emergency, what does the future portend? How prepared are Kenyan legislatures currently for such future emergencies, health or otherwise? How soon are these responses capable of retuning legislatures to permanent operations in the shortest time possible?

The Legislative Centre
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The Legislative Centre has developed a Draft Legislative Emergency Preparedness and Response Policy and would like to hear from you for a Customized Response to your future emergencies, health or otherwise! 


Our draft legislative emergence response policy work draws from a wealth of experience and expertise in the management of legislative work and operations. 

Our Legislative Emergency Response Policy framework

Outlines a framework for response by, and continuation of operations of, the County Assembly and the legislative service agencies in the event of an emergency epidemic or disaster. 

It includes mechanisms for continuously updating the framework for preparedness and response under a Legislative Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP). 

Critically, the Policy is intended to address the logical flow of events to respond to major disruptions in essential functions, mission critical services, and technology infrastructure.